...some music.  

I have been writing and recording a song a week for 10 years now. Nothing to do with iilustration but, if you’re curious, you can hear some of the results below. 

Bursting on the Ground

I found this song on an album by and/or called The Shrimp Attack Collective. A lovely album with a pressing of a couple of hundred that came in an army surplus canteen holder along with some personalization such as a couple of polaroids and a vial of what I think were juniper berries. I assume each copy was different. I loved this and I loved the album, too.

I sang my version here in a fairly crappy sounding  little room, I'm afraid.

The Thing I Like Most

I"m afraid I don't really know what the title refers to in this song I wrote. Your guess is as good as mine. Musically it was an experiment in putting things together that clash. Turned out nice and bouncy in a Captain Beefheart sort of way.

I'm a Little Dinosaur

This is an odd version of the old Jonathan Richman song.

I paid my son 2 euro to sing on the one section.

If you don’t know Jonathan Richman, look him up. In the seventies he had a group called the Modern Lovers. I believe they briefly tried to sell them in the UK as something they weren’t and they didn’t catch on. Basically he was a big kid who would write songs about little dinosaurs and monsters in the supermarket and sang them with a stuffed up nose like a little kid. This was so endearing that, surprisingly, he  caught on with lots of punks in the US. I’d say his biggest hit was “Roadrunner”. 



The song is about a recent trip to the Santa Cruz mountains in California, where I lived for a year or two as a little boy. I hadnt been back there in 20 years and I was searching for memories but could find almost none.

I  cant decide whether to be proud of or embarrassed by this recording. I went all out to get a cheezy old-fashioned radio-friendly lead guitar going on, and well, yeah, I succeeded.

Cry baby cry

I got inspired to record this Beatles cover when I was doing an image for the Illustrated Beatles show. Cry baby cry, was one of my favourite Beatles songs when I was a kid. Perhaps it was the children under the table pretending to be ghosts. 


Inspired by a dream that I had. This song has one of those driving, eerie beats that would allow you to sing the Oscar Mayer song lyric and still sound deep. I will have to resing this sometime.