...some music.  

I have been writing and recording a song a week for 10 years now. Nothing to do with iilustration but, if you’re curious, you can hear some of the results below. 

One By One

Happy Halloween.
Just finished this Halloweeny song of mine.
Check it out, if you dare.

Bursting on the Ground

I found this song on an album by and/or called The Shrimp Attack Collective. A lovely album with a pressing of a couple of hundred that came in an army surplus canteen holder along with some personalization such as a couple of polaroids and a vial of what I think were juniper berries. I assume each copy was different. I loved this and I loved the album, too.

I sang my version here in a fairly crappy sounding  little room, I'm afraid.

The Thing I Like Most

I"m afraid I don't really know what the title refers to in this song I wrote. Your guess is as good as mine. Musically it was an experiment in putting things together that clash. Turned out nice and bouncy in a Captain Beefheart sort of way.

I'm a Little Dinosaur

This is an odd version of the old Jonathan Richman song.

I paid my son 2 euro to sing on the one section.

If you don’t know Jonathan Richman, look him up. In the seventies he had a group called the Modern Lovers. I believe they briefly tried to sell them in the UK as something they weren’t and they didn’t catch on. Basically he was a big kid who would write songs about little dinosaurs and monsters in the supermarket and sang them with a stuffed up nose like a little kid. This was so endearing that, surprisingly, he  caught on with lots of punks in the US. I’d say his biggest hit was “Roadrunner”. 



The song is about a recent trip to the Santa Cruz mountains in California, where I lived for a year or two as a little boy. I hadnt been back there in 20 years and I was searching for memories but could find almost none.

I  cant decide whether to be proud of or embarrassed by this recording. I went all out to get a cheezy old-fashioned radio-friendly lead guitar going on, and well, yeah, I succeeded.

Cry baby cry

I got inspired to record this Beatles cover when I was doing an image for the Illustrated Beatles show. Cry baby cry, was one of my favourite Beatles songs when I was a kid. Perhaps it was the children under the table pretending to be ghosts. 


Inspired by a dream that I had. This song has one of those driving, eerie beats that would allow you to sing the Oscar Mayer song lyric and still sound deep. I will have to resing this sometime.