...some music.  

I have been writing and recording a song a week for 10 years now. Nothing to do with iilustration but, if you’re curious, you can hear some of the results below. 

I'm a Little Dinosaur

This is an odd version of the old Jonathan Richman song.

I paid my son 2 euro to sing on the one section.

If you don’t know Jonathan Richman, look him up. In the seventies he had a group called the Modern Lovers. I believe they briefly tried to sell them in the UK as something they weren’t and they didn’t catch on. Basically he was a big kid who would write songs about little dinosaurs and monsters in the supermarket and sang them with a stuffed up nose like a little kid. This was so endearing that, surprisingly, he  caught on with lots of punks in the US. I’d say his biggest hit was “Roadrunner”.